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Are you in immigration court proceedings? Find out where and when you need to show up for immigration court, how to prepare, and what to expect.

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Headed to immigration court?

Immigration court can be a scary place.  Whether you are going for the first time, or you have been before, you will want to be prepared with as much information as possible.

Here you can find out answers to commonly asked questions about your immigration court hearing — like how to check your hearing date, what happens in immigration court, and what you can do to stop a deportation. You’ll also find helpful information based on your current legal status, whether you are a green card holder, someone who stayed too long on a visa, or someone who entered the U.S. without papers.

  • How to Prepare For Immigration Court Hearings

    Going to immigration court can be scary and confusing. Find out more about how to prepare for your next immigration court date, and how to give yourself the best chance of stopping deportation.

  • Checking Your Immigration Court Hearing Date

    You can't afford to miss an immigration court hearing because if you do you risk being ordered deported. Learn the best ways to verify the date, place, and time of your next immigration court hearing.

  • Visa Overstays in Immigration Court: What to Know

    If you entered the U.S. on a visa, and stayed too long or otherwise fell out of status, you are not alone. If you have to go to immigration court to fight deportation, you'll need to be prepared.

  • Entered Without Papers? What To Know For Immigration Court

    If you entered the U.S. illegally, you are not alone. And just because you are in deportation proceedings does not mean you have no rights. Learn more about your options in immigration court.

  • What Green Card Holders Should Know About Immigration Court & Deportation

    Green card holders sometimes wind up in deportation proceedings. If you or your loved one is a permanent resident, and has to go to immigration court, here is what you need to know.

Learn more based on your current immigration status

Based on your current status, we can help guide you through the immigration court process.  Tell us whether you are a green card holder, a visa overstay, or someone who entered without inspection.

  • I am a green card holder

    Green card holders, or lawful permanent residents, have some of the best options for fighting their case in immigration court.

  • I overstayed my visa

    If you stayed too long on your visa, then you have fall out of status.  If you are placed in deportation proceedings, there are still ways to fight your case.

  • I entered the U.S. without any papers

    An estimated 10 million immigrants entered the U.S. without any papers, so you’re not alone.  Many thousands of illegal entrants are able to fight and win their cases in immigration court. To give yourself the best chance possible, read more about your options.